Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the Wedding Website

So we decided to create a wedding website so that people could check out updates on the wedding and what not.  As of right now the date has not been set but we are looking at late April or early May, we will for sure keep everyone posted on that. but please check out the site.  PS it is in the works so there will be more information being added to it as the weeks go by

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The engagment day

Well for most I am sure they thought this day would never come, (I too started to believe it) but everyone has a change of heart at some point in their life.  I cant even begin to tell you how many times I dreamed of this day.

To back up a little, we went ring shopping a few weeks before we went up to Utah and he kept asking me how I wanted him to propose to me and when I wanted it done.  I simply said ummmm no you are not asking me these questions.  This is something you get to figure out all on your own, this is not something you get to ask my opinion on, and every time he would walk away disappointed because I was no help to him.  

We went up to Utah over Conference weekend to Visit family and watch some conference...oh and to get our teeth cleaned :) Sunday came and we were getting ready to head out (so I thought) we left his sisters house with the intention on getting our stuff back at his moms and then heading back to Vegas.  I was so wrong. Ken decided it would be great time to take a walk, I laughed because I was wearing 4 1/2 inch heels and he wanted to take a walk.  I decided to go along with it, it was a really nice day out and I love walks.  so we headed out driving and he get on the freeway, I am thinking to myself what kind of walk are we going on.  he kept looking for a specific exit but could never find it so after driving for 15 minutes or so he decides okay never mind we will just head back to my moms house.  we get there, watch a little more conference and behind me they are looking up a map on the internet still trying to find this specific place to take this walk we just have to go on.  I tell Ken we need to get going so we put our stuff in the car and say our goodbyes.  He tells me he wants to go say goodbye to his grandparents since it was his grandpas birthday and all I couldn't say no.  So we start to head up the hill towards his grandparents place, only to take a different route and he tells me his mom told him how to get to this place that he STILL wants to take a walk in.  my frustration level slowly started to rise not to mention I was getting hungry and wanted to eat.  So we are driving he is looking for this place and after no luck decides AGAIN never mind we will just go to my grandparents house. as we get up the hill we pass his Aunt and Uncle and their family taking a walk up over by the Bountiful Temple. We wave and continue driving and he says we will just wait for them down here, up goes my frustration level yet again "We have to say goodbye to them again too!"  I am good with one goodbye I don't need say it over and over again.  Ken then continues to ask me if I have ever been up to Muller Park and my reply was a quick no, which then lead to Ken going lets go up there and check it out. but to our disappointment everyone decided to pick the same day to go up there as well, so Ken said never mind to that as well. he finally just said okay we will go see my grandparents, which then lead to me saying Finally!!!!! but quickly turned to where are we  going as he headed down a totally different road.  He drove for a little and then decided that we had gone far enough and told me to get out of the car.   Now a little background on me I am terrified of heights and where he decided to stop was an open spot between two houses looking over the whole city and it is its very own cliff with trees down the cliff.  Me I would call that spot death Ken would call the spot a great place to propose which is exactly what  he did. I had no idea this is what he was planning this whole time.  I right away felt so bad for getting so frustrated with him.  Of course I cried and said yes and it was the Exact ring I wanted and later I found out the reason we needed to say good bye again was because his family wanted to see the ring but he wouldn't show them until I had seen it first.  which right away I was okay with saying goodbye again and felt bad for not seeing  the need to earlier . I love this Man.